From demonetized
to monetized

We will help you to monetize your YouTube videos
even though your channel is demonetized or you upload
copyright claimed content.



This is What We Offer

We will monetize your YouTube channel with copyright claims. We offer both, audio and audiovisual claims. Get in contact with us and will provide all needed information.


Monetized again

You will earn money on every single Video you upload immediately after you agree to work with us.


Monthly payouts

We offer a Analytics / Dashboard where you have a full transparent overview of your earnings of all your channels seperately. We offer custom splits, depending on your channel performance.

Payout options we offer:

You would like to get paid in another way? No problem, just text us and we will sort it out

No contracts!
You also don't have to join our network, we don't need access to your youtube channel.

Full overview

we provide you with an Analytics tool, monthly payouts, various payout options.

Work with us

We will also consult you with your content so you can earn more money
And best of all:
Youclix is ​​completely free for you!


  • Produce your video
  • Include our audio or video content (only some seconds)
  • Publish the video
  • Get paid by us


Everything you need in one place.

  • Weekly earnings updates
  • See all your earnings
  • Choose payout method
  • 24/7 Support
  • Manage Payments
  • Works for multiple Channels